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Exceed and Specialty Athletic Training

Exceed and Specialty Athletic Training

about us

our mission

Supporting individuals with diverse abilities.

Their vision is our mission.

About us

Exceed Enterprises is a one-stop nonprofit serving Oregonians of diverse abilities through exceptional vocational, recreational, and personal development services. We help clients exceed expectations—their own and those of society—by building skills, confidence, connections, and opportunities to be a vital part of the community.


In 1968, Exceed was founded by two trailblazing mothers who wanted to create more opportunities for activities and community engagement for their children. More than 50 years later, we still have that advocate spirit, and continue to evolve how we serve the 1 in 4 Oregonians who experience disability.

We offer a wide spectrum of services to support adults with diverse abilities at every stage of community inclusion and employment—enriching group activities, individual job training and placement, group placements, and more. We meet clients where they are, listen to their stories and needs, and build a customized plan together for the right path for them as a unique individual. We also partner with our community and businesses to matchmake the best placements and provide support along the way.


For people with diverse abilities, we help build meaningful, fulfilling activities and employment opportunities that can increase independence, self-confidence, and dignity.


Want to get involved? Donate here or contact us to find out more about becoming a client or a participating business.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

At Exceed Enterprises, we welcome clients from all walks of life. Our company should reflect that same diversity. We support individuals in achieving their vision for themselves across all abilities, races, genders, and identities.

At Exceed we are engaged in the purposeful work of a workplace that represents the diversity of thoughts and values that come from the richness of our varied backgrounds. By growing diverse thoughts and values, we will better serve our clients and staff.

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