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Danial Abdullah Overcomes Limitations in his job at Pizza Schmizza in Beaverton

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

He works the lunch rush Monday, Wednesday and Friday busing and cleaning tables, washing dishes and windows and sweeping the floor.

Danial’s honesty during the initial meeting impressed Store Manager Corrie Browning.

“Danial was so up front of what he is capable of doing,” said Corrie.

“That made it easy for me and my entire staff to treat Danial like any other employee.”

Corrie said it’s been enlightening because she was never in a position to hire a person like Danial.

It’s been nice to be in a position where I can offer help to someone,” Corrie added. “I like to help and it’s been fun having Danial on board.”

Community Employment Specialist Tina McGanty, Danial and Store Manager Corrie Browning Community Employment Specialist Tina McGanty has been working with Danial through job development and looking for the right fit. Tina and Danial had completed an interview and were not sure if it was successful. Danial, age 21, suggested they walk across the parking lot to Pizza Schmizza.

“Danial walked in and expressed to Corrie his desire to work,” said Tina. “I didn’t need to coach him. Danial picked up on his duties right away and now I check in with him twice a week.”

Danial likes to work fast and is developing a great rapport with other staff.

“Getting to know all the employees and customers is best part of the job,” said Danial. “Corrie is great and I listen to what she wants me to do and I do it.”

Corrie said Danial is flexible with other staff helping with his training and correcting him if he needs to do something differently or more efficiently.

“He’s been open to constructive criticism,” said Corrie. “With the limited use of his hands we make sure he has access to everything he is physically capable of doing without limitations.”

After a month on the job, Danial has expressed his desire to work more days and even weekends.

“It’s an amazing process to see him grow and develop with each shift,” said Tina. “He has a smile on his face and wants to do more and more. I love his attitude.”

Danial’s on the right track to successful, long-term employment. His hard work and commitment has impressed his co-workers and can serve as an inspiration to others looking for work.

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