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Maria is fitting in at Fred Meyer

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

When Maria Berovic is at work she is like the Energizer Bunny, its go, go, go. With a great smile, can do attitude, and unlimited ambition, Maria is feeling right at home at Wilsonville’s Fred Meyer.

“She is so amazing because you don’t have to ask her four times or check up on the work she did,” said Supervisor Caroline Johnson. “I ask her to do something and she is off and running. I don’t need to double check because I know she did it right.”

Maria works 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday. She collects carts from the parking lot, makes sure restrooms are clean and removes merchandise from the checkouts and puts it back on the shelves. She assists customers with carry outs and every other week is a personal shopper for an older gentleman. Maria’s day starts by riding her bike about a mile to the bus stop in Villebois and taking a 15 minute bus ride to work.

“She is very driven,” said Community Employment Specialist Tina McGanty. “I have seen her excel above and beyond the person that I initially met. She has proven herself in so many different areas.”

This is Maria’s first job in retail and it took her a while to get used to the fast pace. Her goal is to eventually work in a department, specifically women’s apparel.

“I like the pace of the job but sometimes it gets to be too much,” said Maria. “With carry outs, carts, bathroom sweeps, it definitely took some getting used to.”

Maria said it’s a lot like home where she hustles to keep up with Carissa, her five year old daughter.

“She has caught on quickly with prioritizing,” said Caroline. “When carts are low, bathrooms need to be checked and go backs are stacking up, she will ask for assistance with priorities. She is great about communicating.”

Maria’s work ethic and personality are making her a favorite among coworkers and supervisors. She takes initiative, does what she is told and is dependable. These assets will help Maria continue to exhibit an energy that keeps her going and going and going.

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