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Working with Georgia-Pacific keeps Exceed Enterprises employees on their toes.

Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Work is fast and furious when employees with Exceed Enterprises support Georgia-Pacific. Boxes of Georgia-Pacific napkin products are sometimes damaged during shipment, and the undamaged napkin packages must be removed and repacked for shipment to a Georgia-Pacific customer. So every day, a team of about 10 employees repack and load pallets with napkins destined for the customer.

After a forklift driver brings in the boxes, two employees remove tape and load them on a roller. Another worker empties the boxes of napkins onto a table, while a coworker feeds the napkins down a chute. From there an employee puts four packages into a bag that is fed through a sealer. Once the packages are sealed, two workers stack them on pallets. The quota for each day is 70 pallets of 4,200 packaged napkins. It is demanding work that the employees seem to enjoy.

“It is intense and physical work and these guys hardly ever complain,” said Bobbi Rust, safety monitor. “They just go about their work and do a great job.”

Rust ensures that all work is done safely and within Georgia-Pacific’s safety guidelines. All team members are required to wear safety glasses and be mindful of the spur line that is used for moving freight into the facility.

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