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Join us LIVE at 7PM PST on May 18th for an evening of stories straight from our clients and staff, plus a chance to offer critical support for people with diverse abilities.
May 18, 2023
In-Person | 6:00 PM
Online | 7:00 PM

2023 “In Our Community” Fundraiser

Tech Support Answer Page


Problems with livestream

  • The feed will not go live until 6:55 PM on May 18th, 2023. At that time, the event logo at the top of the page will be replaced with a video livestream. Just click play to begin!

  • Check that you are on the correct site:

    • (giveBUTTER, like what you spread on toast 😊)

  • Refresh the page – many connectivity/loading/lagging issues can be solved by refreshing

  • If you’re still having problems, you can access the livestream on our YouTube page, rather than the event page. You can find that page at:


Problems with donations

  • Click the blue DONATE button on the top of the page

Here are the steps to donate:

  • Select an amount, or fill in your own

  • Tip: consider making a recurring donation and help sustain our work! (can be monthly, quarterly, yearly--this is a great way to give a bigger gift over time)

  • Add a message to the supporter feed (This is not required. Hit “continue” to skip)

    • Choose the name and message you want displayed publicly, or leave this blank

    • Can add an image, gif, drawing

Donation and fee breakdown:

  • Credit card processing fees (3%)—covering these fees ensures that 100% of your donation goes to Exceed. This is entirely optional!

    • To opt-out: click the blue “edit” button, uncheck the box next to “yes, cover the fees,” hit “done” button

  • Add a tip to support Givebutter (Completely optional and separate from processing fees)

    • To opt-out: select “other” from drop down menu, type “0” in box

  • Select a payment method

    • Credit card— instantly donate through our secure payment processor

    • Mail a check – this option allows donors to pledge a gift (like raising a paddle) and then later pay by check. The gift will move our thermometer closer to the goal but allow you to pay later. Also a great way to pledge a larger gift, to be paid over time!

    • PayPal, Venmo – pay with an existing account

    • ACH – the option to pay via bank transfer is offered for donations of $100 or more. Donations made through ACH  incur less processing fees than credit cards.

  • Donor Information

    • The system requires a name, email, phone number, and address

    • Email is used to send a transaction receipt. Remember to check your junk folder if you don’t see it!

    • Phone number is used in case we have any questions about the donation.

    • Billing address is used to process donation and mail a tax receipt. All tax receipts will be sent after the event.


Thank you for being in our community!

Problems with donations
Donation and fee breakdown
Problems with livestream
Donor information
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